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Golftell allows golfers to specifically rate your course, staff, club facilities and F&B offering. Contact us and register today to develop and amplify positive feedback that enhances your brand plus gain access to manage your venues home page.

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  • Manage your venue’s page for FREE
  • Display up to 3 x venue pictures
  • Add a course and venue descriptor
  • Update your club contact details
  • Add social media links

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  • All the benefits of Golftell FREE listing above


  • VALIDATE genuine tee time bookings: avoid fake / damaging ratings and comments being posted about your club
  • SHARE positive ratings on social media
  • COMPARE your ratings: course, staff attitude, F&B and facilities versus the industry, leading performers plus your chosen competitors
  • INTERACT with your tellers: leave public/private replies to their personal feedback
  • ADVERTISE your business; use one of the advertising spaces on your page that allows ‘unlimited’ rotational adverts to promote membership, sell group events and tee times
  • PROFIT directly from selling 3rd party advertising to your club sponsors or local partners to you

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My59 Software affords you the following opportunities...

  1. Survey your Golf Members
    Utilise our on-line questionnaire
  2. Mystery Shopper Audits
    Unlimited access to 59club’s on-line reporting and comparison tool: arrange your own mystery test team to analyse any particular staff members and key elements of your business at a time chosen by you within the following departments:
    • Membership Team
      A new member recorded enquiry call , sales appointment and follow up
    • Golf Sales Team
      A golf society / corporate day recorded enquiry call
    • Golf Operations Team
      A recorded tee time booking call plus a detailed analysis of the green-fee visitor experience both on and off the golf course
    • Exclusive Profit Calculator
      Analyse the upselling skills of your golf operations staff

All products listed allow you to compare your service level performance against your chosen competitors, venues of similar make-up, the best performing clubs and the rest of the My59 industry for all pre mentioned departments.

All products allow you to omit questions that you feel do not apply to your individual venues and / or group set. The system also omits the same questions from your comparison statistics including My59 industry, leading venues plus your chosen competitors enabling you to compare your performance against like for like results.

Chose from the following departments for more information about each My59 products and how they can be utilised:

  • Golf Member Survey
  • Golf Membership Enquiry
  • Golf Sales
  • Golf Operations

My59 Software Create your own On-line Member Survey – A Voice to the Members

The My59 on-line member survey provides an economical way of truly understanding the views of your members, what is important to them and the degree of that importance. The results give you clear direction on ways to improve ‘life as a member’ of your club, vital if you are to successfully retain the core and transient element of your membership.

The survey has been designed specifically to improve member retention and comprises of over 100 quick fire and easy to complete questions that you select from to create your own unique survey focussing on areas that are important to you. This product encompasses all aspects of ‘life as a member’ of your golf club through the 'eye' of the member.

Analysis Includes:

  • Lifestyle
  • Facility
  • Service
  • Golf Course
  • Food & Beverage
  • Off Course
  • Professional Team

All areas of facility and service analysis can be further broken down via a filter system to enable analysis of any particular groups within the membership. This enables you to highlight any groups that may be susceptible to leaving the club, hence promoting necessary actions to help retain your members.

Filters include:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Handicap
  • Membership Category
  • Playing Frequency

My59 Software A Golf Membership Enquiry Call / Prospect Show Round / Sales Follow up

The feedback for both the recorded call and live appointment will highlight areas of staff and procedural strengths and weaknesses within your ‘potential new member’ enquiry procedures.

Analysis Includes:

  • Initial recorded enquiry call for a potential membership, marked on the staffs ability to promote and up-sell the clubs main services, facilities and USP’s
  • Ability to offer, book and confirm a facility show round and 'sign up' appointment
  • Ability to conduct a ‘needs analysis’ to ascertain the main membership requirements
  • Ability to deliver a detailed ‘show round’ of all relevant facilities including the golf course, all practice facilities, bar and restaurant, changing facilities, members notice boards and golf professional shop
  • Ability to promote club services from social events and team golf to member benefits and discounts
  • Show round summary and sales process including ability to 'overcome objections to the sale'
  • Follow up call to ‘chase the sale’
  • Bespoke comparisons to your chosen competitors, the industry average plus the best performing clubs

My59 Software The Green-fee Visitor Experience

Based on a golfer’s experience during a green fee visit, focusing on the venue’s ability to create a quality customer experience through their facilities and services offered. The detailed analysis incorporates all areas both on and off the course, from golf course and practice facility presentation to a detailed analysis of the food and beverage experience.

Analysis Includes:

  • A recorded tee time booking call to the venue
  • Analysis of written tee time confirmation
  • A purchase of merchandise from the golf shop highlighting sales techniques
  • Use of range or practice area and promotion of other golf facilities
  • Entire golf course analysis focusing on presentation, services and facilities on offer
  • Service and standard of pre and post golf food
  • Bespoke comparisons to your chosen competitors, the industry average plus the best performing clubs

The results can be further broken down into Staff Sales, Attitude & Process along with General Facilities. This enables you to highlight any potential issues within your team and/or their standard procedures, likewise any operational issues you may have within the club promoting the necessary actions.

Profit Calculator

Staff behaviour on a day to day basis can be translated directly into a pounds and pence opportunity. This highlights additional revenue to be earned based on all up-selling opportunities by front line staff using your own visitor / member rounds, average spend/rates etc.

As per all 59club products, this facility allows for 'like for like' comparisons to your chosen competitors, the industry average plus the best performing clubs from an up-selling perspective. The comparison results will be taken from the statistics you enter for visitor/member rounds, the price of your stock / hire items and adjustment percentages enabling you to compare against the staff’s up-selling results achieved during a mystery test.

My59 Software A Golf Society / Corporate Day Recorded Enquiry Call

Grades your staff’s ability to manage one of the most profitable customer contact points; a recorded phone enquiry for a society or corporate golf day at your club. The call is recorded to allow for play back, training and in depth analysis to take place. The detailed feedback analysis includes all aspects of up selling, sales techniques, overall research and more importantly, highlights a venue’s ability to ‘chase and secure’ a booking from a tentative enquiry.

Analysis Includes:

  • Initial connection to the venue and call management through to the desired department
  • Research questions with focus on a venue’s ability to promote and engage with the caller
  • Understanding and creating a golf day to meet the caller’s needs
  • Up sell and promotion of all products and services to increase revenue
  • Call closure and ability to convert the enquiry
  • Follow up procedure and written proposal
  • Bespoke comparisons to your chosen competitors, the industry average plus the best performing clubs

59club - Setting the Benchmark for Customer Service Excellence

You can also chose to receive ‘independent’ mystery tests via golftell’s sister company 59club, Europes leading customer service analysts and training consultants.

The industry experts at 59Club are on hand to provide support and assistance for all golf and leisure businesses keen to develop customer service and sales systems. Its products and insight provide measurable indicators which allow you to exploit every opportunity presented to each department within your club, from the sales team, front-line operators and those responsible for member and visitor retention.

59club provide venues with a valuable management tool to measure, improve and then maintain standards of customer service, in turn increasing visitor and member retention. The end result being a boost to customer satisfaction, revenues and profits.

To discuss your business requirements call 59Club on 01530 440 004 or visit

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