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About The Course

The Course is 20 years old and developing into one of the most delightful courses to play, with a good test of golf for all standards. It is a testament to Tim Needham and his staff at Beedles Lake Golf Club, that the course is presented so that you can play on the Greens and Tees all year round, with well maintained fairways and bunkers.

About Beedles Lake Golf Centre

Beedles Lake Golf Club and its surroundings have undergone several transitions to become the beautiful course that we see today. The clubhouse overlooks a magnificent 38 acre lake known locally as Beedles Lake, as in the 1950's it was owned by Thomas Beedle. The land was sold to Jelson Ltd in the 1960's for sand and gravel excavation followed by landfill.
Telephone: 01162 607086
Address: Broome Lane, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE7 3WQ, UNITED KINGDOM
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