Baildon Golf Club


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Golf Course
Greens - AVERAGE
Bunkers - GOOD
Fairways - AVERAGE
Food & Beverage
Clubhouse - POOR
On Course - POOR
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Golf Shop/Reception - GREAT
Food & Beverage - GREAT
Starters & Rangers - GREAT
Greenkeepers - GREAT
Golf Shop - GOOD
Clubhouse - AVERAGE
Practice Area - GOOD
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One to visit but probably just the once. I personally don't think that it is worth the full green fee. Look to get a discount by using online booking. Having said that they do have a large membership.
Alleni played 30/05/16
Greenkeeping Staff
Alleni played 30/05/16
Starters & Rangers
Alleni played 30/05/16
Food & Beverage Staff
Alleni played 30/05/16
Golf Shop/Reception Staff
Alleni played 30/05/16
On Course Food & Beverage
Alleni played 30/05/16
Clubhouse Food & Beverage
Alleni played 30/05/16
Practice Area: Fairly large practice area a couple of hundred yards from the clubhouse.
Alleni played 30/05/16
Clubhouse: An old clubhouse that was unfortunately closed during our visit. Adequate locker rooms.
Alleni played 30/05/16
Golf Shop: Well stocked with a decent range of equipment and accessories.
Alleni played 30/05/16
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About The Course

Our stunning 18 hole moorland course with views over Ilkley moor the yorkshire dales and beyond was originally designed by James Braid (5 time Open Champion). Our signature 2nd hole is one that is talked about after many a round in the 19th.

About Baildon Golf Club

We aim to make every member as welcome as possible and actively promote formats of golf where it is easy to meet new people in a friendly and fun atmosphere regardless of ability. Baildon Golf Club prides itself as a golf club with a great history that embraces a modern business model. See our membership page for more details.
Telephone: 01274 584266
Address: Moorgate, Shipley, West-Yorkshire, BD17 5PP, UNITED KINGDOM
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