Bantry Bay Golf Club


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About The Course

This fabulous golf course is certain to provide one of the most memorable rounds of golf you will ever experience. The Golf Course has 14 holes immediately overlooking Bantry Bay where the warm waters of the Gulf Stream first touches land on this side of the Atlantic. Out of the 50+ Golf Courses in Cork, Bantry Bay is always voted in the Top 4 along with Fota Island, Cork Golf Club and The Old Head of Kinsale.

About Bantry Bay Golf Club

Course Architects Eddie Hackett and Christy O'Connor Jnr. have adapted some 170 acres of picturesquely undulating scenery skirting the coast, with parkland tree lined holes coupled with an abundance of perfectly positioned hazards, lakes, mounds and bunkers.
Telephone: 027 50579
Address: No address given, N/A, UNITED KINGDOM
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