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About The Course

This undulating parkland course situated in the historic village of Ardfert has appeal both for the established golf enthusiast and the beginner golfer. The lofty greens, the variety of trees and the many water features are but a few of the attractions of the course. The 9th Hole voted the best Par 3 of the Nines of Kerry by Kerry Golf News.

About Ardfert Golf Club

The Ardfert Golf Club was founded on 25th September, 1993. The first meeting of the Ardfert Golf Club was held on Wednesday 6th July,1994 in Joe O'Sullivan's Cottage Bar, Ardfert. Nineteen members attended. The club was affiliated to the G.U.I on 28th October, 1994. However this is not the first Ardfert Golf Club affiliated to the G.U.I.. In the history of the Golfing Union of Ireland an Ardfert Golf Club was affiliated to the G.U.I. in 1896. This nine hole golf course was situated in Banna towards Sandy Lane.
Telephone: 066 7134744
Address: Sackville, Ardfert, County Kerry, IRE, IRELAND
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