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Golf Course
Greens - GREAT
Bunkers - GOOD
Tees - GOOD
Fairways - GREAT
Food & Beverage
Clubhouse - AVERAGE
On Course - AVERAGE
Staff Attitude
Golf Shop/Reception - AVERAGE
Food & Beverage - GOOD
Starters & Rangers - GOOD
Greenkeepers - GOOD
Golf Shop - AVERAGE
Clubhouse - GOOD
Practice Area - AVERAGE
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° title
Near perfect course, nice friendly members and staff-just the food lets it down
Thistle1 played 20/05/19
Greenkeeping Staff
Thistle1 played 20/05/19
Starters & Rangers
Thistle1 played 20/05/19
On Course Food & Beverage
Thistle1 played 20/05/19
Clubhouse Food & Beverage: Not a great choice and a bit tasteless but nicely presented
Thistle1 played 20/05/19
Practice Area: No chipping green or practice bunker
Thistle1 played 20/05/19
Clubhouse: Bright, clean, lovely clubhouse with stunning views
Thistle1 played 20/05/19
Golf Shop: Dull, dusty and uninspiring
Thistle1 played 20/05/19
Food & Beverage Staff: Chatty, warm and welcoming
Thistle1 played 20/05/19
Golf Shop/Reception Staff: Not very welcoming or helpful
Thistle1 played 20/05/19
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About The Course

Our superb 18-hole parkland course has been rated as the best conditioned in West of Scotland. The manicured greens are the envy of other clubs. Combined with lush fairways, meandering burns and tree-lined dog-legs, the course offers a fair but rewarding challenge for golfers of all abiilities.

About Largs Golf Club

Established in 1891, Largs Kelburn Golf Club is situated to the south of Largs, North Ayrshire, and has spectacular views over the Clyde estuary and the neighbouring islands of Cumbrae, Bute, and Arran.
Telephone: 01475 673594
Address: Irvine Road, Largs, West-Coast, KA30 8EU, UNITED KINGDOM
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