Royal Troon Golf Club


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Golf Course
Greens - GREAT
Bunkers - GOOD
Tees - GOOD
Fairways - GOOD
Food & Beverage
Clubhouse - POOR
On Course - POOR
Staff Attitude
Golf Shop/Reception - GOOD
Food & Beverage - POOR
Starters & Rangers - GREAT
Greenkeepers - GREAT
Golf Shop - GREAT
Clubhouse - GREAT
Practice Area - GREAT
Summary of 17 ratings:
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A venue for the golfers bucket list-but next time I’ll eat at the Marine Hotel next door
Thistle1 played 13/06/19
Greenkeeping Staff: Very courteous and unnassuming
Thistle1 played 13/06/19
On Course Food & Beverage: Nothing available on course and no upselling from the shop
Thistle1 played 13/06/19
Clubhouse Food & Beverage: For such a prestigious venue, a poor menu selection for lunch. Bland and tasteless-very disappointing
Thistle1 played 13/06/19
Practice Area: Excellent indoor range with toilets, coffee, heated bays-chipping & putting greens first class
Thistle1 played 13/06/19
Clubhouse: Beautiful clubhouse/locker facilities oozing quality
Thistle1 played 13/06/19
Golf Shop: Lovely bright shop full of quality clothing and merchandise
Thistle1 played 13/06/19
Starters & Rangers: Starter Alan the perfect gentleman-very thorough briefing in a friendly manner
Thistle1 played 13/06/19
Food & Beverage Staff: Unwelcoming and unfriendly
Thistle1 played 13/06/19
Golf Shop/Reception Staff: Helpful and friendly
Thistle1 played 13/06/19
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About Royal Troon Golf Club

Telephone: 01292 311555
Address: Craigend Road, Troon, West-Coast, KA10 6EP, UNITED KINGDOM
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