Kingsbarns Golf Club


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Golf Course
Greens - GREAT
Bunkers - GREAT
Tees - GREAT
Fairways - GREAT
Food & Beverage
Clubhouse - GREAT
On Course - GREAT
Staff Attitude
Golf Shop/Reception - GREAT
Food & Beverage - GREAT
Starters & Rangers - GREAT
Greenkeepers - GREAT
Golf Shop - GREAT
Clubhouse - GREAT
Practice Area - GREAT
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Although expensive, worth every penny as this is just a Magical golfing experience. Miss it at your peril.
Thistle1 played 15/08/19
Greenkeeping Staff: Perfect gentlemen
Thistle1 played 15/08/19
On Course Food & Beverage: Superb Halfway house with plenty tasty snack & drinks on offer
Thistle1 played 15/08/19
Clubhouse Food & Beverage: Lovely food at very reasonable prices
Thistle1 played 15/08/19
Practice Area: Fabulous facility and very picturesque
Thistle1 played 15/08/19
Clubhouse: Beautiful luxurious clubhouse in miniature
Thistle1 played 15/08/19
Golf Shop: Small but packed with good quality merchandise
Thistle1 played 15/08/19
Starters & Rangers: Gordon is just the best starter-great judge of Character-excellent banter while still providing all the information necessary
Thistle1 played 15/08/19
Food & Beverage Staff: Welcoming, friendly, helpful
Thistle1 played 15/08/19
Golf Shop/Reception Staff: Welcoming, friendly, witty
Thistle1 played 15/08/19
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About The Course

Kingsbarns Golf Links located just 7 miles from the "home of golf" is part of the long heritage of links golf centred around St Andrews. Golf has been played on the present site since 1793 when the Kingsbarns Golf Society was established as the 11th earliest golf society in the world. The Society was later reconstituted as The Kingsbarns Golf Club which remains active to this day. Kyle Phillips designed the course in its present championship layout which was opened in 2000.

About Kingsbarns Golf Club

Our passion is to host you for a memorable round of traditional Scottish links golf along 1.8 miles of picturesque North Sea coastline where each hole embraces the sea. In addition to enjoying our Worldwide Top 100 ranked course, we hope lifelong memories of our comfortable, friendly and attentive service complete your "Kingsbarns Experience". The relaxed clubhouse, broad smile from each member of staff and hearty handshake of the first tee starter - all combine to ensure your trip to play golf in Scotland includes what has been called the warmest welcome in golf.
Telephone: 01334 470136
Address: Cambo Estate, Saint Andrews, Fife, KY16 8QD, UNITED KINGDOM
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