Par 3 Course

Woolley Park Golf Club

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About Par 3 Course

The course is played over 9 holes and can be played in two ways from either the yellow or blue tees. The yellow tees are designed to be the easier Academy Course as it contains 3 Par 4 holes and is a perfect starting point for those still learning to play. The blue tees make up the true Par 3 course and provides a good test of accuracy for all golfers. Of course golfers can choose to mix and match which tees they play from creating the best test for themselves.

About Woolley Park Golf Club

One of West Yorkshire’s premier clubs offers both an 18 hole and a 9 hole course plus a putting green and open air practice area.
Telephone: 01226 380144
Address: New Road, Woolley, Wakefield, West-Yorkshire, WF4 2JJ, UNITED KINGDOM
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