The Links Course

Yas Links

Overall Venue Rating
90.6% would recommend this venue to a friend
(Based on 32 tells)
Golf Course
Greens - GOOD
Bunkers - GOOD
Tees - GREAT
Fairways - GREAT
Food & Beverage
Clubhouse - GOOD
On Course - GOOD
Staff Attitude
Golf Shop/Reception - GREAT
Food & Beverage - GREAT
Starters & Rangers - GOOD
Greenkeepers - GREAT
Golf Shop - GREAT
Clubhouse - GREAT
Practice Area - GOOD
Summary of 429 ratings:
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° title
The golf course is beautiful. It is a great test of your game.
Jenaro played 29/10/17
Greenkeeping Staff
Jenaro played 29/10/17
On Course Food & Beverage
Jenaro played 29/10/17
Clubhouse Food & Beverage
Jenaro played 29/10/17
Practice Area
Jenaro played 29/10/17
Jenaro played 29/10/17
Golf Shop
Jenaro played 29/10/17
Starters & Rangers
Jenaro played 29/10/17
Food & Beverage Staff
Jenaro played 29/10/17
Golf Shop/Reception Staff
Jenaro played 29/10/17
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About The Links Course

A course that will test professionals, enthrall amateurs and excite beginners. A course that honours the traditions of the game, demands respect, yet offers so much. A course that celebrates the best in Links design, utilizes the unique weather conditions and complements its natural surroundings. A course that blends the latest in techniques and technology with the timeless traditions of the game. A course that is ready to be played, enjoyed and discovered by you.

About Yas Links

Yas Links Abu Dhabi, a first in the Middle East's, where noble heritage combines with stunning surroundings to enrich both your game and your senses in a truly unique environment. The first Links golf course in the Middle East region. The first designed by Kyle Phillips, one of the world's leading golf course designers. The first opportunity to experience the unique traditions of the game.
Telephone: +9712 810 7710
Address: Yas Links Abu Dhabi, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, PO Box 128008, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
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