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About The Children's Course

Originally established in 1888 as the "Ladies' Links" the Children's course comprises a 9 hole Par 3 layout situated adjacent to the 15th and 16th holes on the West Links. An ideal facility for youngsters to learn the game, the course is managed by North Berwick Golf Club and maintained by the club's greenkeeping staff. The 'Golf Book of East Lothian' describes the course at the time: "The situation of the course is delightful, the view of North Berwick and the Forth being the best to be had, while the undulating of the ground makes play interesting and the proximity of the gentlemens' links imparts additional liveliness to the scene. The formal opening of the course was done by Sir Walter Dalrymple, lord of the manor on a sunny day in June, 1888, it was quite a gay fashionable event."

About North Berwick Golf Club

Golf has been played over the historic West Links course since the 17th century with the Club being formed in 1832. We continue to play over the same piece of land as they did back then. With breathtaking views of the Firth of Forth and islands of Bass Rock, Craigleith, Lamb and Fidra, as well as the town of North Berwick itself, there are few places better in the world to play golf!
Telephone: 01620 895040
Address: New Club House, Berwick, Lothians, EH39 4BB, UNITED KINGDOM

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