Askernish Golf Club


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Golf Course
Greens - GREAT
Bunkers - GREAT
Tees - GREAT
Fairways - GOOD
Food & Beverage
Clubhouse - GOOD
On Course - AVERAGE
Staff Attitude
Golf Shop/Reception - GREAT
Food & Beverage - GREAT
Starters & Rangers - GREAT
Greenkeepers - GREAT
Golf Shop - GOOD
Clubhouse - GOOD
Practice Area - GOOD
Summary of 17 ratings:
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A fabulous experience. Millionaires golf. Magnificent views, lovely staff, and a tricky course with some excellent holes. Completely unspoilt and natural. Has overtaken Tralee as my favourite course.
Minchview played 24/07/17
Greenkeeping Staff: There is only 1 greenkeeper. Very helpful and relaxed, and obviously excellent at his job. No chemicals used at all!
Minchview played 24/07/17
On Course Food & Beverage: There is no on-course catering. It's a remote course, and having a waggon or halfway house would only detract from the experience
Minchview played 24/07/17
Clubhouse Food & Beverage: The catering has just been changed to a new provider (July 17). It's a small clubhouse, with a variety of snacks.
Minchview played 24/07/17
Practice Area: Good chipping and putting areas. Own balls required.
Minchview played 24/07/17
Clubhouse: Has everything needed for looking after golfers
Minchview played 24/07/17
Golf Shop: For the type of course (remote, small population) I felt the pro-shop was good - a reasonable choice of goods.
Minchview played 24/07/17
Starters & Rangers: There are no starters or Rangers, but the staff me,bed taking payment was excellent
Minchview played 24/07/17
Food & Beverage Staff: Same person as above - very helpful
Minchview played 24/07/17
Golf Shop/Reception Staff: Very helpful staff (who also did the catering). An honesty box if arriving early/late.
Minchview played 24/07/17
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About The Course

The course and club has a long and almost mythical history. Old Tom Morris came to South Uist in 1891 to create a course at the request of the wealthy land owner, Lady Cathcart, so that she could impress her high society guests. Old Tom created an 18 hole course that was maintained by the local crofters until the early 1920s when the demand for golf declined and social pressures on the local people meant that maintaining the course was not viable. Over the course of the next 80 years the course that Old Tom created was taken back by the wild. The land was kept as 12 holes, and 9 holes, and 9 holes with 18 tees, and was also used as an airstrip. In 2005 a group of locals decided that they wanted their course back and set to work, with the help of some of the golf industry's biggest and best names, restoring this 'lost' course. In 2008 the course was reopened as an 18 hole facility that has received the highest acclaim from golfing media and beyond.

About Askernish Golf Club

Askernish Golf Club is home to “the most natural golf course in the world” (2011 visitor) and has been ranked 86 in GB&I's Top 100 Links Courses 2015.
Telephone: 01878 710312
Address: Askernish, South Uist, Western-Isles, HS81 5SY, UNITED KINGDOM
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