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About The Course

Bala Golf Club was relocated in 1928 from the Penlan to banciau of the River Dee, Where Flooding made playing the winter months practically Impossible yn ystod. The servant Built in 1973 presennol Clubhouse. Nature Having ddarparu the necessary hazards and Difficulties of a more Interesting and certainly more varied kind under the usual man-made hazards on the average Whilst seaside course, the designer of this course, Syd Collins, the better Known pro of Llandudno North Wales made of the mwyaf Advantages offered by the the natural site. Felly, whether chi are a tiger or merely a beginner chi yn Find the tests of skill intriguing without being The too exacting. Naturally, the air up here and imparts wonderful sub extremely bracing the roof Vigour mwyaf timid TYRO. First Impressions Might a make visitors feddwl tattoo what would Difficulties encountered to pob shot, ond they 'pleasantly surprised to Find bydd, tattoo, in any case, a better and truly-hit ball with the appropriate club with lower Rewarded.The as John instead.

About Bala Golf Club

The 10-hole course here is located on a plateau nearly 1,000 feet above the height of the sea. As a result, the players who will easily be printed at least enthusiastic about the scene found on parts of the course, as it includes a picturesque countryside which incorporates the chain Arennig to the North, to the Aran chain The South West Berwyn chain runs from west to east. Directly beneath the famous and beautiful course the lake, the largest natural lake in the country as a jewel in the source of the Dee Valley famous.
Telephone: 01678 521361
Address: Penlan, Bala, Powys, LL23 7BC, UNITED KINGDOM
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