Wakefield Golf Club


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Golf Course
Greens - GREAT
Bunkers - GREAT
Tees - GREAT
Fairways - GREAT
Food & Beverage
Clubhouse - GREAT
On Course - GREAT
Staff Attitude
Golf Shop/Reception - GREAT
Food & Beverage - GREAT
Starters & Rangers - Not yet rated
Greenkeepers - Not yet rated
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We had a wonderful time and would like to recommend this golf course to players of all abilities and aspirations!
petebate played 04/06/19
On Course Food & Beverage
petebate played 04/06/19
Clubhouse Food & Beverage
petebate played 04/06/19
petebate played 04/06/19
petebate played 04/06/19
petebate played 04/06/19
Food & Beverage Staff: We arrived as a group of 12 friends from , largely, the same home golf course. The reception we received from everybody at WGC was wonderful! They are a very friendly and accommodating club. The weather, btw, was dreadful, It rained the rain from hell for most of the afternoon! Nevertheless, we had a great time!
petebate played 04/06/19
Golf Shop/Reception Staff: The professional, like everybody we encountered, could not have been more helpful and welcoming.
petebate played 04/06/19
Greens: The greens here were excellent today. They look beautiful, roll true and have very good speed.
petebate played 04/06/19
Food & Beverage In General: Whilst food requirements by our group were quite simple they were generally good. The bar had many good options of beer and ale, all at a very good price. The staff could not have been more pleasant and accommodating. As a group, we cannot rate our visit highly enough, despite the dreadful weather. We will be back to enjoy the course in better conditions.
petebate played 04/06/19
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About Wakefield Golf Club

Telephone: 01924 258778
Address: Woodthorpe Lane, Wakefield, West-Yorkshire, WF2 6JH, UNITED KINGDOM
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