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Practice Area: Am good golfer, hitting into a net not ideal
Ghislain played 14/11/16
Clubhouse: No power, was dark, no one told us
Ghislain played 14/11/16
Food & Beverage Staff: Really pleasant and welcoming
Ghislain played 14/11/16
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About The Course

Son Vida is the oldest golf course of Mallorca and has a legend status among the players from all over Europe. Its fairways run through the prestigious estate of Son Vida, with spectacular views over the Bay of Palma, and in the midst of an old tree population, which gives you a feeling of tradition and comfort. The technical design of the course, the speed of the greens and the continuous obstacles are demanding an intelligent golf playing strategy to be victorious and successful on this course – and of course – to entertain golf beginners.

About Arabella Son Vida Club de Golf

Welcome to Arabella Golf Mallorca The leading 63-hole golf resort in the Mediterranean! Located in the prestigious residential area of Son Vida, five minutes from the Centre of Palma de Mallorca, Arabella Golf arises as the largest golf resort in Spain and leader in the Mediterranean Area. With their 63 holes, the courses of Son Vida, Son Muntaner and Son Quint are belonging to the top Golf courses on the island. In addition the Son Quint Executive Course is offering the only 9 hole Pitch and Putt on the Balearic Islands. We would love you to come and play; we love to be part of your wonderful memories...
Telephone: (+34) 971 791 210
Address: Urbanizacion Son Vida, Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, E-07013, SPAIN
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