Stocks Hotel & Country Club


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Golf Course
Greens - GOOD
Bunkers - GOOD
Tees - GOOD
Fairways - GOOD
Food & Beverage
Clubhouse - GREAT
On Course - Not yet rated
Staff Attitude
Golf Shop/Reception - GREAT
Food & Beverage - GOOD
Starters & Rangers - GREAT
Greenkeepers - GREAT
Golf Shop - GREAT
Clubhouse - GREAT
Practice Area - GREAT
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The club house, staff and manager were extremely good promotional tools for any club. Might even be tempted to join if I lived nearer.
Guile played 28/09/15
Practice Area
Guile played 28/09/15
Golf Shop
Guile played 28/09/15
Greenkeeping Staff
Guile played 28/09/15
Starters & Rangers
Guile played 28/09/15
Golf Shop/Reception Staff
Guile played 28/09/15
Guile played 28/09/15
Guile played 28/09/15
Guile played 28/09/15
Clubhouse Food & Beverage: Whilst it was a society menu portions were very generous and the fishcakes extremely tasty. Saw bar food and it looked excellent
Guile played 28/09/15
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About The Course

The club officially opened in 1992 and was originally part of Stocks Country Club. The Course was re-designed in 2012 to become an 18 hole championship course, par 73 over 6800 yards in length. Click here to read a description and in-depth map of each hole. Stocks is a chalk downland course that drains exceedingly well and is playable in all conditions except snow and temporary tees and greens are unknown at the course. Its main defence is the grass rough which can be impenetrable but is host to a myriad of indigenous wild flowers and ground-nesting birds, especially larks – a notable feature of the course.

About Stocks Hotel & Country Club

Our brand new clubhouse was opened in March 2012. The design for the new clubhouse sensitively integrates the building into the landscape and helps promote the local building traditions of the Chilterns. This rustic aesthetic is fused with selected classical detail, the building is designed in a H plan with a hipped roof to minimise its impact on the sensitive countryside location. The clubhouse has a bar and restaurant area with seating for up to 80 in the restaurant. A patio area provides stunning views across the course to Ashridge Forest.
Telephone: 01442 851341
Address: Stocks Hotel, Aldbury, Hertfordshire, HP23 5RX, UNITED KINGDOM
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