Normanton Golf Club


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Golf Course
Greens - GOOD
Bunkers - GOOD
Tees - GOOD
Fairways - GOOD
Food & Beverage
Clubhouse - GOOD
On Course - GOOD
Staff Attitude
Golf Shop/Reception - GOOD
Food & Beverage - GOOD
Starters & Rangers - GOOD
Greenkeepers - GOOD
Golf Shop - GOOD
Clubhouse - GOOD
Practice Area - GOOD
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Well recommended for a visit especially for their excellent value open days.
Alleni played 29/09/15
Greenkeeping Staff
Alleni played 29/09/15
Starters & Rangers
Alleni played 29/09/15
Food & Beverage Staff
Alleni played 29/09/15
Golf Shop/Reception Staff
Alleni played 29/09/15
On Course Food & Beverage
Alleni played 29/09/15
Clubhouse Food & Beverage
Alleni played 29/09/15
Practice Area: Two tiered practice green and a pair of driving nets.
Alleni played 29/09/15
Clubhouse: Good locker rooms, toilets and bar areas.
Alleni played 29/09/15
Golf Shop: Adequately stocked to cater for the needs of both sexes.
Alleni played 29/09/15
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About The Course

Designed by Patrick Dawson, the architect of some of the holes on the famous Augusta National course in America, it offers a true test of golfing ability and with the ninth hole returning to the clubhouse it makes NGC appealing to societies and visiting parties wanting to play 27 holes.

About Normanton Golf Club

Golf in Yorkshire rarely gets better. Set within 145 acres of glorious Yorkshire countryside, with streams and lakes to add a little spice, each hole presents its own challenge to both high and low handicappers, and with a practice ground, clubhouse and a superb golf shop - it's the perfect place to enjoy golf in Yorkshire.
Telephone: 01924 200900
Address: Hatfield Hall, Wakefield, West-Yorkshire, WF3 4JP, UNITED KINGDOM
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